Ballade in Brittany beach (2018)

12.2x9.8 in ~ Painting, Watercolor, Embroidery

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The colours of this wild but calm beach scene in Brittany was such a test for me to capture the textures of both the rugged rock and the tapestry effect of the wildflowers in the foreground. The challenge of mixing the array of neutral colours of the rock was also thrilling. The effect of the strokes and the direction of the paint guided me in a way that was exciting.
The fore-ground carpet of grasses, rushes, blooms was the most enjoyable part to create. I wanted to express the free movement of the individual clumps of grass and the tall fronds of the rushes flowering in another manner and to allow the viewer feel as if they were actually present: Can you feel the breeze? Can you smell the sea air?, Can you hear the cooing of the gulls ?, Can you fell the meditative balance that the whole scene emits? The white sail boat in the horizon of the azure blue sea plays its role of tranquillity too.


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