Early morning mists Digne -les-bains- Provence (2013)

27.6x35.4x2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Watercolor, Embroidery

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Next to a potager in Digne- les -bain, was this amazing view which spanned over across to the mountain range that was bathed in the early morning mist. The blur of pink that framed the foreground, together with wild weeds and poppies, was a crop of sage 5 a crop grown for medicine), and had a very pungent odour.
The scene was a marriage of contrasting complementary colours that creates a beautiful mood of warmth and coolness. The poppies that are speckled in the foreground, add interest and striking spots to lead your eye to the rest of the scene. Your eye is enriched with luscious textures and fine detail.
The mount is hand painted to give a window effect. This piece is framed in hard wood in soft green and grey.


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