Eternal Venice (2020)

35.4x35.4x1.4 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor, Embroidery, Thread

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In Burano, the colour of the buildings are much more vibrant and shocking, turquoise, pink, deep green, deep purple and many unusual shades, hence whilst looking down into the the water in the canal, the reflections were astonishing. I saw potential abstracts thanks to the shifting rippling water which created meandering curving forms and bubble-like shapes which re configurated in movement. It was mesmerizing to watch. The range of colour, light and dark shades, seemed to be well balanced;, perfect for drawing out quick sketches and photos to capture the moment. The embellishment with embroidery has made this piece so much more special , as crystalline fibres are trapped in with the stitchery to provide extra depth and luminosity.
The final embroidered painting on paper is glued onto stretched canvas with acid free glue and flattened to over ride the warping, the paper is turned over the canvas edge to give a box effect. when dry, the whole area is sprayed with UV mat varnish.


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