Iris Mixture - Giverny inspiration (2018)

9.5x11.8 in ~ Painting, Watercolor, Embroidery

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After many visits to Giverny at different seasons, I must say that the spring time shows an abundance of colour and form. the grouping of the iris caught my eye ! Not only their shape, which to me appears like delicate butterfly wings, they have an appealing colour range . Viewing far a afar, the iris creates a mist of blooms in the distance, in the foreground, you are offered a cameo of velvety textures. All the composition combined feels like a natural tapestry. I just had to replicate the dreamy softness of the marrying colours which on the whole gives so much charm and delight. I have continued the scene onto the mount so that one can appreciate the embroidered areas inside the frame, which in turn gives shimmering three dimensions;

Framed in natural wood which enhances the complementary colours, ready for hanging in any room to bring the garden indoors for permanent enjoyment.
Embroidery on watercolour.


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