Sand trails (2021)

10.6x7.1 in ~ Painting, Watercolor, Embroidery

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Whilst walking along the sand dunes , there were interesting patterns exposed after the tides withdrew. the sand bars left trails of rigid channels and swirling dips alongside pebbles and groups of shells misplaced by the movement in ebb and flow.
I was intrigued by the beautiful array of designs that was left from all the shifting about of the sand. The combination of gorgeous veined whelk and beaded periwinkle embedded and trapped in the trials was a sight to see.
I particularly liked the colours of warm sandy ochres with the blue pool water puddles.
I used embroidery to enhance the ridges and shadows of the sand and I included a sprinkle of carbonite crystal minerals which appear like black diamonds when light is reflected on them.
The amazing textures and colours make this a very attractive and appealing composition. The embroidered water colour sits in a dark blue mount and it is framed in natural wood, ready for hanging.


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