Surf and seaweed (2015)

19.7x27.6 in ~ Painting, Watercolor, Embroidery

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Walking on the seashore is a moment of meditation. Your eyes are feasted with an array of colour and texture. Look down among the rocks, on traces of sand bars, the trail of seaweed left abandoned, the pile of shells and all the marine residue left by the intertidal waves. It is so inspirational to discover all the patterns and designs nature has sculpted.
In this embroidered piece where the above elements are enhanced, you will feel as if you were there too, because the reactive threads in the light come to effect and give three dimensional appearance to the overall scene. You will even see the trapped rockpools and the shimmering passage the sea water waves.
There is also a added bonus to this particular creation, the white thread used to outline the surf has a special effect!!! At night the thread will glow as it is fluorescent. It gives the impression that there is moonlight above the waves.
The embroidered painting is framed in wood which is also treated with a paint effect to marry the composition.


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