Japanese garden in Autumn
13 Artworks

This is an ongoing theme that has resulted from an incredible visit to the Kyoto Imperial Temple gardens in Autumn ten years ago. These gardens are open to the public every year for a special festival celebrating the natural beauty; spring and autumn time.

Underwater /Aquariums
10 Artworks

I had the fortune to do some snorkelling in the Barrier Reef, a more gentle way of viewing the array of colourful fish and extra-ordinary marine life. I must hastened to add that I am afraid of the sea since I nearly lost my life by plunging my body straight into it whilst a young child. A massive wave engulfed me and I was sucked deeper down the depths without warning. My mind went blank and was not aware of what was happening- must have lost consciousness. However, I was saved and from then on...

Jardins des rêves: At Monet's garden summer 2014
2 Artworks

A travers mes peintures mélangées de fils colorés,je me suis proche de Monet. La cause est la lumière et des textures qu'il a maîtrisée dans ses oeuvres. Lors d'une visite cet été au jardin de Monet à Giverny, j'ai ressenti un immense bonheur qui m'a inspiré et donné l'idée de créer une nouvelle approche de ma technique. J'ai voulu rendre la nature rêveuse et contemplative. Les plantes et le lac néuphar élévé vers la méditation et les émotions d'un autre monde. Through my painting mixed with...

Flowers and gardens
4 Artworks

Flowers are to brighten your day and to bring you everlasting joy with their delicate forms and vibrant or soft colours. the embroidery just makes them real.

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