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Like many people feel, the sea is where we love to be for our holidays; The spirit of the sea encapsulates those happy moments from childhood, the ambience of the surroundings, the freedom of movement, the sounds of pleasurable voices of the swimmers, the gulls, the sails, the waves, the arise of sunset, are all the enjoyable things we love to experience. This collection both old new and old creations, sum up the emotions, colours and amazing experiences of being at the seaside. Whether you are

Japanese garden in Autumn
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This is an ongoing theme that has resulted from an incredible visit to the Kyoto Imperial Temple gardens in Autumn ten years ago. These gardens are open to the public every year for a special festival celebrating the natural beauty; spring and autumn time.

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This is a series inspired by various trips to Australia and the result of several residencies in Italy. I particularly focused on the mini-world of rock pools which fascinate me. Why am I so obsessed with rockpools? When you look at it in another perspective, it seems like there is another micro world in play here. It is a special place where I appreciate the precious moments of connection with the origins of life and nature. The marine life in rockpools go through challenges just like we do, ho

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