Ann Dunbar

Discover my unique and original artwork inspired by mother nature and my travels.

Ann Dunbar is an award winning mixed media artist, born and educated in UK, with a BA degree in Art (West Surrey College of Art) and a Teachers’ Diploma at Southbank University. Since she moved to France permanently in 1996, she has participated in 45 solo shows and 120 group exhibitions worldwide, resulting in many works in private and corporate collections such as Infinium U.K, HP Project Hong Kong, China and Ecole de Paris in Japan.

Recently, Ann has recently received an NFT award from Biancoscuro Art Contest 2022, as well as trophy “artist of the year” from ArtExpo, the “Médaille de vermeil 2022”, from the “Académie Arts-science-Lettres”, Paris, the bronze medal ( Artlookone) France, and the “Collectors Vision” International Award 2021 from Contemporary Art Curator Magazine in USA, her 56th award  in her career.

Ann  is a member of Fondation Taylor in Paris, TAFA sponsor ( Fibre Arts, USA).


My Statement 2023
"My embroidery creates a wonderful marriage of texture, intricacy, and colour over ethereal, evocative watercolour paintings".

My style of painting is quite similar to the impressionists' use of colour layering and "plein" air painting. I've also been influenced by Chinese and Japanese painting, which emphasizes the power of brush movement and composition. My primary inspiration comes from Mother Nature, and I want to show the hidden parts of the environment that we frequently ignore. My favourite places are both gardens and natural areas.
My aim is to create heartfelt art that radiates peace and love. I want to spread contemplative and uplifting energy through my eyes and heart in this fast-paced world."
Love being an artist
At my happy place, creating art.

Review from the Circle Foundation for the arts,Director. Unique art by Ann Dunbar

The idiosyncratically layered works of Ann Dunbar combine painting and embroidery in a unique and painstaking technique that involves meticulous marks with a wet brush as well as with her old sewing machine. " This precious machine, given to me by my mother, is the most important tool in my creative world", describes Ann.

Taking a medium that is typically associated with crafts, Dunbar's large mixed media works carry through the traditionally feminine practice of sewing, blending thread and paint into high works of art.

Full of colour, detail and texture, each work displays a complex arrangement of interconnected lines and motifs stitched together to produce a balanced and intricate mixed media composition.The works may require hours of careful gazing to take in the full spectrum of labour that the artist put in as well as to appreciate the delicate beauty and refined expertise which the finished piece reflects.

It is no surprise that Ann continues to exhibit and sell her remarkable artworks internationally.
Visit her website to enjoy more of her recent works.

On the beach series

Ann Dunbar is an International quoted artist, born and educated in U.K and now working and living in France.
In England, armed with a teachers' diploma (South bank University 1975) and an arts degree specialising in textiles (west surrey College of Art 1978), she taught in schools and colleges for sixteen years before she became a full-time artist.
Her unique mixed technique of embroidering her paintings on paper, is her signature work and to date she has accumulated numerous awards since moving to France in 1996.

Ann has exhibited worldwide, Brazil, Cambodia, USA,China, Russia, U.A.E, Australia, Japan and in Europe. Several pieces are in various museums, such as MOLA, European Art Museum in Denmark and Marie Curie Foundation, also corporate collections in China, Japan and UK. She is represented by Shoalhaven Fine Art Gallery, Australia, G&C Gallery and Paola Trevisan International.

Swept Aside 60x120cm
"Votre art, aquarelles rehaussées de broderies multicolores, m'inspire et me fascine à la fois, par l'allégresse que vous mettez dans chacune de vos compositions. La richesse des couleurs, l'évocation, l'illustration de la nature, me transportent dans la béatitude, la félicité de chacun des sujets proposés.
Au travers de vos oeuvres, je me revois assise à ma table d'école, l'aiguille à la main, et m'obstinant à reproduire par la broderie , chaque planche mise à ma disposition, garnie de croquis ensoleillés de fleurs et de guirlandes. C'est ainsi que j'appris la couture, avec une institutrice patiente, et dont je garde un agréable souvenir. Chacune de vos oeuvres me rappellent ces moments de félicité. Et je vous en remercie".

 Cliente Francine
In the deep cavern 2023 
Ann Dunbar, an award winning mixed media artist from UK, living in France, has a figurative style using impressionistic method in a contemporary way. She embroiders onto her water colour paintings, layer by layer, thread by thread, with a wide range of tones and hues. The expressive artwork results in enriching the surface detail with added luminosity and depth. The overall effect is mind blowing, often stirring emotional responses with meditative and peaceful feelings.

Ann's inner soul and reflective thoughts on her art.
"My expression is figurative, with a romantic, impressionistic style that is applied with embroidery , after many years of experimentation and that which brings the magic to the painted background. The stitchery is added with precision and patience, layer by layer, a multitude of
thread in a wide range of tones and hues, the overall effect creates three-dimensional impressions, a distinct luminosity, and an exciting density of textural surfaces.
With meditative, peaceful, and evocative scenes, these colourful touches and swathes of richness, replicate the hidden, fragile beauty in our everyday environment. The astounding results intend to impart profound emotive responses from the spectator, unlocking memories, releasing passions, love, dreams, desires, and happiness in moments of contemplation."

A beautiful image
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