Winter Wonders- Aquarelles Brodées. "Merveilles d'Hiver" This new collection will bring out those contemplative emotions and help reduce anxiety and stress, just like a walk in the park would do!

In a reflective mood, now as we are again in confinement,I am in love with nature's beauty and in these cold wintery days and nights, what a delight in seeing how amazing the light appears in the landscape. At my local park, I am often inspired by the play of tone and hue on the lake, it takes on beautiful metallic tones of steel grey, silver, copper or soft gold and all this is enhanced and brought out into clarity with the dark silhouetted trees and weeds. You don't need to travel far to witness such gems. This collection of small works celebrate the hibernation and metamorphoses of nature as it changes into its winter clothes. 
Winter mood Enter paradise through the eye of the needle! 
I have a little mini- site with a blog in German, but you can use the google translator bar to read the beautiful words.This is part of an art initiative organised by Kurt Ries and Gabrielle Walter who create art events in Germany and publish books which have the mini art together with an appropriate poem or haiku alongside each one.Just the thing for your coffee table. Just have a look at what was written alongside my entry.
If you look at the "Enter-into-art website, they explain the reason for the blog and here is a resume of the facts they mentioned:
"The blog journal is a powerful public relations tool which also disseminates professional articles , competition results and awards on the online show. In this way, readers- particularly in German speaking regions can be more familiar with works of art to better understand them and the creative spirit of the artists concerned. Interested readers can view the images and meditate with them, they can get in contact with the relevant artist. The posts are also published into English. Moreover, using easily understandable language, we bring art to many of those who are not experts, but who are searching for works of art to meaningfully enjoy and adorn their living spaces. Furthermore, in each article, we point out if the artists have participated in our exhibitions. If you wish, we can accompany the article with music that can be switched on. in our exhibitions we have had the experience that visitors love to look at the pictures together with relaxing music. There are several songs ready, so you can choose suitable music.
Articles remain on their website for at least one year, together with published book entitled "Excellent art".
Five of my embroidered treasures are exhibited in Cologne hall for the spring, but alas, closed due to the virus alert. However, it may be prolonged into the summer months.

Making my art keeps me happy.

Art can uplift you. I hope that you are keeping creative and occupied with cultural activities, because at these difficult times, we need this as a  therapy, to pass away the time, to forget ourselves in isolation, to keep focused with  positive ways of passing the time fruitfully.
From my studio confined but positive, I am working away, catching up with all those paintings that I was unable to finish embroidering. I am also starting on with new works, as the ideas are flowing so well because our garden in spring is glorious. The blooms are plentiful and perfect subjects for paintings. At the moment, I am working on huge piece of "Japanese quince flowers", on a gold background. It will keep me busy for a long while. I will post the finished piece ,promise.

 With the prospect of postponed art fairs, exhibitions, the closing of galleries and openings, I am more than aware of the role artists need to play now: to inspire, uplift and delight at a distance. Art is defiant against loneliness and more people will be in contact by social media, the internet, radio or TV, mobile phone or any other messaging devices. Whether by online platforms, digital communication will be the prime way to relay our stories and mission.
With this unprecedented situation, we are faced with close downs, self isolation and complete lock down. Art is a way to pass on good vibes, its a way to help us appreciate what we have: the birds are still singing, the flowers are still blooming and our animals are calming our spirits. This crisis is changing the way we are going to live in the future, it is helping us to reflect on our actions. Our environment will be cleaner and nature will take its course, without human intervention.
I am privileged and happy, as an artist to feed your souls with art, inspired by landscape, nature and voyages to brighten your day and to see you through the monotony.
Take care and stay safe at home. We will get over this together.

I have the honour to announce, as from now, my application to become a member of Foundation Taylor has been accepted by the Committee. For more information on its activities, visit their website :

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So delighted to be an affiliate member of Circle-arts Foundation.This is an organisation based in Lyon, France, who represent artists internationally, since 2017. They represent no more than 300 selected visual artists in their online gallery,
A beautiful image
Forsaken Beauty. 120X120cm diptych. Embroidery on paper marouflaged onto canvas and varnished with mat Archival finish.    Washing ashore, volumes of sea water, the ebb and flow of a sandy beach, we have  the forsaken beauty of a rock pool. The inter tidal zone, where  all is abandoned by the receding sea, all that is left behind are the living creatures, polished pebbles, rugged rocks studded with barnacles, swaying seaweed and trapped seashells. A treasure chest of  jewels left deserted and forgotten until the next wave comes again. This represents life as a journey whereby, we  as humans can also be dragged away by energetic forces in our mind or soul, into places where we feel lost , abandoned, or isolated and yet there is always hope for retrieval.   Like a rock pool, we are all connected by the same forces where there is a beginning and ending, the opening and the closing, the revealing and hiding, the covering and uncovering, the light and the dark areas, all off the same part of one never- ending cycle of renewal and healing .           This piece will be curated by Paola Trevisan International at the Salon des Artistes Independent at Art Capital, Grand Palais from 11th to 16th February 2020

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