Forsaken Beauty (2019)

47.2x47.2 in ~ Painting, Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor, Embroidery

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Embroidery on mixed media, stretched onto canvas and varnished with mat archival finish.Edges are painted with same motif, no need for frame.

About this piece: Washed ashore, volumes of sea water with the ebb and flow of a sandy beach, we have a rock pool with forsaken treasures of polished stones, pebbles, rugged rocks studded with barnacles, swaying seaweed and trapped seashells/ A treasure chest of natural jewels left behind by the receding tides, left deserted until the next wave comes again.
This is life's energy where we are all connected; The same forces that drive the tides are part of our internal rhythms, the same forces of nature where there is a beginning and ending, the opening and closing, revealing and hiding, light and the dark, dual opposites all of the same part of one and a never ending cycle of birth and death or renewal and rebirth.
This was exhibited at the Carousel Du Louvre Art Capital in Feb 2020, represented by Paola Trevisan International. It took fourth months from conception to end product. The piece is very vibrant with iridescent fibres and silken embroidery to achieve three dimension effects. You will always discover surprises and detailing which will attract your attention. A delightful gem to converse about and bring out different interpretations or stories.
A diptych 60x120cm placed together to create a giant square of 120x120cm Ready to hang.


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